About Las Fuentes and Reviews

Fine Mexican Cuisine For the Whole Family

When you crave a delicious "south of the border" meal with an ice cold cerveza or margarita, head straight to Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurants for a culinary treat like no other. Visit our menu page to see the mouth watering selections of enchiladas, fajitas, burritos, tacos, shrimp, quail and other special Las Fuentes combination meals waiting for you at your nearest Las Fuentes Restaurant.

Las Fuentes has been around for a long time. I enjoy their food, they have great service and great margaritas! - Brandy B.

In English, Las Fuentes translates to "the fountains". Mexico City is known for it's beautiful fountains, and Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant is famous for bringing the authentic flavors of Mexico City to your home town. With three convenient locations throughout Texas - Hempstead, La Grange and Somerville - A fine Mexican dining experience is never far from home.


This is the best Mexican food I have ever had!  The service was great, the restaurant was clean and stylish and the food was unbelievably good!


Don'Janay D.

Las Fuentes isn't the best but it's far from the worst. Lunch and dinner specials have a lot of food for a great price and the margaritas are really good. Not really authentic Mexican food it's definitely more Tex-Mex. The service is good and the inside is a really cute theme.


Destini W.

The food isn't the best, however the drinks and the service is ok. The food also is not authentic as I was hoping. I ordered a simple chicken taco and it was a big portion size. The food had more of a tex mex/gringo flavor rather than real Mexican food.


Jess S.

Despite what I heard regarding Las Fuentes, I went anyways and overall it was pretty good! I got the Las Fuentes Special (for one -- there is one for two) and it was good. It did not come with sour cream or cheese and a side of sour cream (pictured) was .75; I believe the cheese was .50 or something like that. I found that to be ridiculous but other than that the food was good and their happy hour menu looks dandy too!


Tiffany S.

The food was very good. We ordered the queso and it came with two salsa, one was warm and sooo delicious! Then we got a huge combo plus sour cream chicken enchiladas. Everything tasted good, and came out timely with excellent service from a very kind waitress. The "giant coconut margarita" was massive and amazing!!!


Cindy H.

Very nice wait staff but the place allows smokers in a smoking sections. Restaurant smell of smoke.  Food was okay.


Bobbie H.

The food and drinks are good, but regardless of the time of day, the service always takes awhile.


Jeff W.

The food is so-so... nothing exceptional, mediocre Tex-Mex at its best. NOW... the price they charge for a beer or margarita is outrageous... Micheladas are damn near bucks each... and that's mixed with domestic beer no doubt. If your in Hempstead and want Tex-Mex this is really the only alternative. The lack luster service and high prices coupled with the "same ole" Tex-Mex menu as all the other joints of this caliber make it a buzz kill for sure.


R P.

The noise level in this place is terrible.  I don't mean a dull roar.  There were three big tables making a lot of noise.  I like a vibe, but it was obnoxious.  The food was ok.


Scott M.

Friendly service and food was excellent all orders were properly prepared and hot temperature wise.


Heather A.

Chicken quesadillas are awesome. Always love the hot wings. Wish they weren't so pricey but we'll worth it.


Liz G.

We are from Houston and was starving so decided to look for a place to eat in Hempstead on our way back to Houston.  We stop at this little place.  Big mistake.  Worst thing, big I mean BIG roach crawled out of our table.  My daughter went to the restroom and saw one of the waitress kill another one in the hallway that leads to the kitchen.  I don't even want to see the kitchen.  Parillada for 2 is 26.50 wich is reasonable except the portion is more for one person.  The parillada contained BBQ ribs which is awesome but not when they put it right on top of your fajitas.  Who wants fajitas smothered in BBQ sauce? Not this girl.  To top it off bill comes and I see that they charge my daughter burger 2 dollars more than what the menu says.  Apparently I was told because she is older than 12.....sooooo I asked is her burger bigger than a kids?  The lady said No....is the same burger.  Soooooo if is the same burger does it matter who is eating it?  Anyways I'm glad they didn't have a fee for us sharing our food....lol lol.  Their drinks are 2.95 per drink, I paid almost 10 dollars for drinks only....that's just wrong.  Anyways I gave them 1 star because we did enjoy their chips and salsa. Salsa was worm and chips looked fresh.


Courtney P.

Bad food selection; too sloppy and tasteless. Not worth the quality. If you're ever in Hempstead and are starving, just keep going. There are better options. Positive: The margaritas but, you have to sit at the bar (or be at the bar) to be served and the bar isn't large enough to sit 10 people. It's the only bar for miles, dry county. Someone should open up another bar.


Melissa B.

Absolutely LOVEEEEE the giant sangrias! Also, one of the best burgers I've had!! Maria & Steph Rock!


Dec C.

Food was horrible.  Tortillas were raw, uncooked/warmed, and enchiladas barely had any chicken in them.  Too expensive, imho.  With tip and two beers, we spent .00Service was very good, but we won't return.


Janice S.

placed an order online, the restaurant was clean, server was friendly and nice the food was hot and fresh!!! I would return again


Noah S.

This was fantastic food!  Great service.  Queso and salsa were delicious.  Chicken and beef enchiladas hit the spot!


Tony A.

Best find in Hempstead Texas. Very nice and clean.Service was great but the food was outstanding. I wish they opened early to serve breakfast. I felt like i was in a nice little resurant in Mexico.


Eli B.

Food was good for the price, decent lunch prices. Service always friendly, fast, and attentive. Nice clean resturant. Haven't tried the margaritas but they look good.


Jimmy M.

I don't know about these people on Yelp but this place is straight up terrible I went there and the food was cold when I got it the drinks were terrible I will never go back I would give it no stars if I could..